Save Our Services

Focus Group for Saving Services at Pilgrim Hospital, Boston

Boston Focus Group Information

Who are we!

We are a Focus Group formed in Autumn 2015 and our members are concerned Boston Residents who joined a surgery Patient Liaison Group (PLG) and found that Senior Management at Lincoln’s United Hospital Trust (ULHT) have been planning a strategy, which on the face of it, was being stated as an objective to save money (due to their overspending) which could seriously affect the services that are currently delivered locally to you by Pilgrim Hospital.

Well the reality is rather different. The savings are a confidence trick and WILL not save the huge deficit that they are projecting BUT worse for us,  and the “savings” are being aimed ONLY at downgrading BOSTON Pilgrim hospital and NO cuts at LINCOLN COUNTY Hospital!

What are we trying to do!

Anything we can to save our services, from gaining your support, writing letters, making petitions, and even lobbying parliment.

Why are we doing it!

If we don't do something the local trust will downgrade our local hosptial which could cause a great deal of problems in the future for our local area.

Please read this first (pdf download)