Save Our Services


Dear Lincolnshire resident,

The Boston Focus Group is led by local volunteers.

Please can you chip in and help fund a possible legal challenge to win this campaign.

Why do we need to ask for donations?

There are financial CUTS hidden in the secret STP that has already been submitted for Lincolnshire to NHS England and they are being debated in the Commons. The CCG's have to implement the Cuts to balance the money already overspent and to make cuts to limit the overspends that are forecast. A small donation from the 130,000 residents of Boston & Skegness or the 240,000 residents of the East CCG region or the estimated 300,000 residents in the area whole East, Coastal, South East and South regions of Lincolnshire that could be badly affected by downgrades, closures and loss of services at Boston's Pilgrim Hospital will help to fund a strong challenge. There is NO other challenge from anyone else. This is your opportunity to reinforce your voice for democracy.

You can make a secure donation here, PLEASE think of what is at stake ! Every little will help and all funds will ONLY be spent on this campaign.