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To :    Matt Warman MP


Dear Mr Warman

We are writing to register our deep concern at the plans that we have heard have been put forward by ULHT Lincoln along with the East CCG and LHAC to downgrade services at Pilgrim Hospital and we want to know what is in the STP secretly generated behind closed doors and submitted in secret to NHS England on June 30th 2016.

The NHS and Government state in their reply on the e-petition website that the STP should be patient (that means all of us residents) and clinician led, yet the clinicians are not being heard from Boston Pilgrim and we have NOT been asked or seen ANY pre-engagement from the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) either through our GP surgery or from LHAC (Lincolnshire Health & Care committee) who have spent £4.5 million so far; WHERE is the resident’s voice in the STP formulation?
Before your election, we have seen local services taken away from Pilgrim to Lincoln over the past few years and it is time a brake was put on it. WE have NEVER been consulted in three years and now it is too late. We are taxpayers and the NHS belongs to the PEOPLE (according to the previous Head of NHS England). You are our MP and we deserve to be fully heard and ask you to respect the LOCAL residents views and endeavour to ensure our wishes are heard and stop services from the threats of being downgraded .. .. …

1. We do NOT wish to see ULHT reduce the effectiveness of the A & E department and / or move some of the Services to Lincoln A & E:

a. We want a local fully equipped and staffed Accident & Emergency operation – it is already delivering to capacity and needs MORE staff and facilities NOT less. Our population in the south and East is now over 225,000 – far more than Lincoln’s region plus the immigrant families are used to goiung direct to A & E, as do most resients after hours, because the GP’s are closed. 111 is not reliable.
b. We believe moving any A & E services to Lincoln will compromise the ability to deliver LOCAL services for LOCAL residents and will put lives at risk.

2. Midwifery Unit – Obstetrics.

a. We WANT a local fully equipped and Consultant led LEVEL 1 neonatal department including 24/7 (level 1) staffing that has the facility including anaesthetists to carry out any emergency operations for births at Pilgrim. Why is Lincoln charging Pilgrim a very high insurance premium for its mistakes – these are facts?
b. The trust has spent a lot of money on a new building and it would be travesty to let it to be downgraded; evidenced by the latest publicity and attempts to rebrand it as a “nurse” led unit. It MUST be a Consultant led level 1 unit. The government has conducted a nationwide Midwifery survey.
i. How do ULHT plans for Pilgrim deliver a risk free birth at Pilgrim? The gold standard for births with minimal risk is no more than 20 and max 30 minutes? A Journey of maximum 30 minutes gets nowhere near Lincoln or even Peterborough!
ii. It can take an unacceptable 60 to 120 minutes depending on traffic and weather to get to Lincoln County Hospital from Boston and lives will be put at risk.

3. We WANT a full Consultant led Paediatrics department for our children, HERE at BOSTON, with the facilities and staffing for local operations when needed and where we can visit our children daily and easily. We cannot take all the time off work or afford to spend £30 to £60 a day travelling to be with our young Lincoln.
We don’t have a car! Please assure us with facts that we will NOT lose our FULL department.

4. We WANT a full Consultant led vascular surgery department at Pilgrim with facilities and staffing for local operations when needed or lives will be put at risk.

5. We cannot afford to travel to Lincoln for services and treatment whether for emergency or planned. It is just too far and very inconvenient ; there is very poor public transport with prohibitive cost; it is very difficult to get time off work to attend for a whole day. I could not make appointments there and my health will be at risk.

We want locally delivered services for LOCAL people.

Can we count on your full support to ensure that ULHT does NOT downgrade our LOCAL services at Pilgrim hospital? ULHT have already moved many services to Lincoln where parking is horrendous and the place is over-crowded.

Will you come out in FULL support and fight for Boston & Skegness constituents, for South Lincolnshire residents to keep our Pilgrim hospital with the FULL complement of staff and locally delivered services? That is what we voted for you to do - to listen to US and to act for OUR best interests not follow Conservative Party directives or ULHT plans.


Why does Pilgrim have to be a part of LINCOLN based ULHT Trust?

a. Why can’t Pilgrim hospital be a separate autonomous NHS Trust Hospital as it was previously?
b. Why can’t Pilgrim be responsible for it’s own budget, hiring staff and delivering NHS services to a local population? There is provision, according to the East CCG Chief Officer, that could facilitate that!

Lincoln-centric, Lincolnite mentality:-
Just like the unsupported, but sorely needed Boston bypass Lincolnshire County Council spends all the Roads budget on its own FULL ring road, over a hundred million, yet the total population (94,600 census 2011) is no more than the Boston area and with our new immigrant residents we exceed Lincoln City .
Figures suggest Boston alone is closer to 100,000 and when the government releases true NI figures we will know for certain, as we all rely on Pilgrim. The entire urban area of Lincoln is 130,000 (census 2011) ONLY the same as Boston & Skegness (101,000 but now 120,000) and Spalding (29,000) all 2011 census; and those figures are FIVE years before many East Europeans settled here! Why is there a Lincoln based mentality that sees the Boston region at the bottom end of the list when it comes to services and support from Lincolnshire based ULHT? The LMC report that Lincoln has a population of 740,000 and that 10% are immigrants – that’s 74,000 residents – so why isn’t the government funding Lincolnshire properly?

Will you lobby Lincolnshire Health and Care (LHAC) and the other Committees including the Health & Scrutiny committee all based in Lincoln - on behalf of Boston residents?

Will you commit and promise to ensure that we are not dealt the “mean” hand in the plans that the strategy from ULHT have so far evidenced;

WILL you commit to oppose any more services taken away and awarded to an already overcrowded County hospital with an evidenced poor claims track record - that is NOT Central but at the far North West of the 4th (geographically) largest county with a vast spread of residents; that around a third of them live an hour or more drive from Lincoln – and all this due to a Lincoln–centric, Lincolnite mentality from ULHT?

A Trust that refuses to let its senior staff including Consultants, in fact ANY staff, speak out and publicly voice THEIR local views to the residents of YOUR region and other MP’s constituents. How democratic is that? The word is Autocratic….. !

We are also adding our details to the E-petition and local petition.

Yours sincerely