Save Our Services

Why do we need to ask for donations?

The Boston Focus Group and Facebook and website is run by volunteers.

Thank you for finding this website and adding your voice to this campaign through signing the e-petition, our local petition and making your views on the future of our NHS in Lincolnshire South and East by writing to our local MP for Boston and Skegness and your own MP in other districts. Boston's Pilgrim Hospital is a key part of the delivery of local, accessible services and must not be downgraded and services reduced any more.

The Boston Focus Group is self-funded but if the leaders of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan do NOT listen to the residents and do not act upon the residents objections sent in to LHAC (Lincolnshire Health and Care) and the Clinical Commissioning Group during the consultation process then we may need to mount a legal challenge, called a judicial review of their processes. Other areas in England are considering this method to challenge the process and expose the secret requirement for CUTS hidden in the 44 footprints (each with an STP). This is how England has been divided up by the government through NHS England and the obligation placed upon each CCG. CUTS that the Government state must be implemented to balance the overspends already facing the NHS Trusts because of funding cuts, in real terms, and refusal to fund the deficits that are already in place. After its December 2015 CQC inspection, LPFT (Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust) had an appalling CQC report released in April 2016 , and they were hit with a 4% funding CUT last year. A disgraceful betrayal of residents needs for mental health illness services, and worst of all so hypocritical when the government states that "Parity of Esteem" for mental health illness services will be a priority! Empty words!

Dr Tony Hill (LCC) and Allan Kitt (Chief officer at the SW CCG) the lead officer in LHAC both state on their websites that ... " EVERY Lincolnshire resident will have their say in the STP". Even the government's OWN response to our e-petition reaching 10,000 on our e-petition states that the STP should be led by PATIENTS and clinicians. It's there to see. But it has NOT happened.

According to LHAC and the CCG they claim to have engaged with just 15,000 people AND they will not say who they are! The figure is a tiny 2% of the Lincolnshire population of 740,000 and they won't even say who are NHS employees or the clinicians who have led the Plan for the CCG and LHAC. There is NO doubt that many Consultants and Staff at Pilgrim cannot speak out publicly. We know of no-one amongst 7 surgeries and members of the Focus Group and Surgery patients liaison groups from Boston to Skegness (south and east Lincs) who have been engaged in the actual content of the STP - that's around 60,000 residents.

Here's two key questions to ask yourselves ........

- whom among us in Boston & Skegness can say that we have been contacted and engaged, as patients according to the government's response to our e-petition with the content and options in the STP? ...

- and whom among us can say that we feel we have been involved in LEADING the STP for Lincolnshire?

exactly..... We feel the same , frustration and anger at everything to do with the secrecy surrounding the STP - it seems being discussed and finalised to send to NHS England behind closed doors!

In three years since it's formation LHAC SPENT £4.5 million on the plan, and £2.5 million was paid to consultants BUT to consult with whom? There are NO details released for what they actually did or whom that actually consulted with in Lincolnshire for such a huge amount of tax payers funds.

If the STP is truly to be led "BY THE PATIENTS AND CLINICIANS" in the region then why has it been kept secret? Where is the democracy in the process, where is the transparency by those who are paid from OUR taxes discussing OUR NHS?

We are certain that NOT one resident has any idea what is in the PLAN already submitted to NHS England. It has been debated in the House .... Has your MP met and told you if and whether he voted for a SECRET plan produced, so-called on behalf of Lincolnshire's " patients" who have NOT been involved to "lead" the process! The STP could have far-reaching effects on the delivery of OUR local services for many years to come, possibly the single most important decision making process - other than a general election.

We have in excess of 130,000 residents in the Boston and Skegness constituency and 240,000 residents in the East CCG area with 30 GP surgeries.

There has been no pre-engagement with residents on the actual content of the options and decisions taken to arrive at the STP that was submitted in June to NHS England. Fact. It is still secret even in September and NOT released or discussed at the Annual Public Meeting of the East Clinical Commissioning Group. The STP does contain financial obligations for the local NHS Leaders to make budget CUTS to meet the government's views of what should be spent on OUR NHS services. There is little doubt that there will be actions and words in the Public Consultation, LHAC'S expensive £2.5 million consultants at work, dressing up those cuts to be palatable "to sell" to Lincolnshire residents.

The HEAD of NHS England in 2013 said that " ..... the NHS belongs to the people" ; so WHO in our region thinks that the NHS is being led by the residents - the people who live here and pay our Taxes? Who thinks that our National Insurance contributions that were set up to pay for the NHS are actually funding the NHS?

Who is aware that the National Insurance tax amounting to at least 24% of our wages (11% personal 13% business) in NOT ring-fenced but goes into the government's general "pot" to do as it wishes ? - and it does!

Who is aware that, under the Social Services Act, the government has to maintain a "National Insurance Fund" but that there is £50 billion languishing in this N. I. Fund AND that the amount is FOUR times the amount that the government's own actuary says it should be! Please Google it!

Think how long 3/4 of that NI fund - a massive 37 1/2 Billion would fund our NHS into the future. Newspaper reports state that an extra £9 billion a year should be invested to make up the current shortfalls and bring the NHS UP to the required funding levels and the extra funding maintained every year. The money is there and it will take political pressure to stop our English taxes

A). being sent abroad to be abused and wasted by third world dictators (Cameron's fixed % of our GDP - must be revoked) £16 Billion in 2015/16;

B) the EU (Brexit means £20 billion ANNUAL saving). What is more important than YOUR health or your children and loved ones?

C) English taxes funnelled to Scotland under a "temporary" Barnett formula £16 billion annually that even its originator MP Mr Barnett said should be halted - and the current government stated it had outlived its usefulness when it came to power. The per capita spend in Scotland is way higher than in England. Disgracefully our English taxes through the Barnett payment are funding FREE University education in Scotland for all students a real, actual discrimination against English students who must shoulder a heavy burden of an average £36,000 each! How is that equitable in the Conservative "one nation" UK?

Boston Focus Group members were recently told by a senior ULHT employee, confirming what we thought, that the Consultation process will not make any changes to the final STP plan! Indeed at the East CCG Annual Public Meeting it was confirmed under questioning, quoting excepts from the government's September release of Guidance to CCG's for the STP (conveniently released after the event as all STP's were submitted in June) that there is NO government obligation for the Chief Officer in the CCG to make any changes based on any number of residents / patients objections to its content during the Consultation - and we still have NO idea when it will take place!

It is anticipated that we will need funds to mount a serious legal challenge to the whole process to stop the anticipated cuts.... and a small donation from thousands of Boston and Skegness residents will allow us to act on your behalf. Can you please chip in so we can move fast when we need to win the campaign to ensure Pilgrim Hospital retains ALL the services that matter to all of us, to deliver the best services LOCALLY and NOT at Lincoln County Hospital, for many, inaccessible and far away in the north west of the County.

Please be assured that any and every donation will only fund this campaign. We have no offices, no paid staff- just volunteers who care about Our NHS and our community.

You can make a secure donation here, PLEASE think of what is at stake !